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This blog combines three different, though interrelated topics:

1. Entrepreneurship, Management, Corporate Finance

I will share knowledge that I gather from other sources, be it books, conversations, blogs, etc. regarding entrepreneurship and management of companies. Also, I will not forget my backgound in corporate finance and what I have learned in business school. Hence, I will also discuss business models, corporate finance, and link to sometimes more “scientific” sources.

2. My experiences, challenges and achievements as an entrepreneur

My current work at the time I start this blog is being Co-founder and COO of wwg worldwidegames GmbH, independent publisher of free-to-play browser games. While this may change while the blog evolves, I will always report about what my ongoing businesses are achieving and what I have personally learned from specific situations. 

3. News regarding related companies

I regularly meet other entrepreneurs. Some of them I get to know better or I even become friends with them. Therefore I have a certain relationship to the companies they are operating. This blog will also follow some of those companies.

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August 5th, 2010 at 8:30 pm

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