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Now we’re global: WWG launches in the Middle East

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On Monday 13 September 2010, we have launched the arabic version of Desert Blitz. In the Arabic world the game is actually named “Saakat Sahara” or “صاعقة الصحراء” (which means Desert Thunderbolt) and can be reached under We started our preparations in May this year including a detailed translation and considering that people in MENA (Middle East North Africa) actually read from right to the left.

About Desert Blitz

Desert Blitz was the first browser based war strategy game located in a desert/ fight for resources setting. We have launched the game in February 2009 and in Germany alone attracted more than 500,000 registered users. Since we have started our strong internalization efforts Desert Blitz was able to continue this success story in other countries as well. See below a screenshot of the localized MENA version:

Detailed localization

Besides a plain translation of the texts within the game we really localized our blockbuster game Desert Blitz. The landing page of the game includes an Arabic-looking soldier and the military ranks that can be earned within the game are adapted to local military ranks. Our country manager for that region has started localization work in May this year, linking up local agencies with our development team.

High expectations

The Arabic world consists of more than 200 million people speaking one language of which over 60 million have internet access. We expect that there are about 3 million hardcore MMO gamers, however, we think with our products we can target far more than that hardcore portion.

Latest step in our “internationalization spree”

Since the beginning of 2010, WWG has heavily internationalized its marketing footprint. We are now present in Europe, North and South America, Middle East and North Africa. In all those regions we now have products online as well as strong media partners providing our products with traffic.

Benefit for our partners

WWG has now the perfect  set-up to offer full-fledged publishing services to browser game developers in these regions. You have developed a great game but do not know how to attract gamers to your new title? We take your game and promote it in the regions that we jointly determine, making use of the full marketing mix. Just give us a call ;-)

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September 14th, 2010 at 8:16 am

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