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PSSSST, top secret: WWG to launch the next white label portal

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It has been less than a month that I have posted the news that WWG’s portal has a new design and that during the re-design process we have totally reworked the source code behind our portal. Now we are only a few days away from announcing (and launching) another white label version of this portal.

ANOTHER white label? What is the other one?

More than 2 years ago when we launched we took great efforts to really separate code, design, and content of the portal from each other. In late 2009 we created the portal (see screenshot) for our partner Deutsche Telekom AG which is based on our source code, however, has a totally new design. Now we are about to launch the third portal based on our technology. The difference lies in the improved source code. While the first “copy” of took some 3 months, we were now able to deliver within 6 weeks!

Another WHITE LABEL? Why do you do white label?

WWG is a provider of online gaming content, specialized in browser-based MMOs. However, some large partners do not only want to integrate some screenshots and game descriptions on their website and transfer their traffic to some “external” online game. They want to keep and build their community. For those kind of partners (significant traffic, desire to build own community, ability to pay our license fee ;-) ), we offer a very nice solution: a taylor-made version of our gaming portal with own design and CI and no reference to WWG. We do not only provide the portal but also offer our whole game portfolio to the partner and are willing to include any other external game to the portal.

What are advantages for WWG’s partners?

WWG’s partners receive up-to-date gaming content by a multitude of developers that enriches their offerings and monetizes traffic (no matter if online or offline traffic). The white label solution offers the possibility to create a social gaming community around this gaming offer. However, partners do not have to worry about developing an in-house solution or even have expensive external teams develop a new platform from scratch. With our technology we can re-skin the portal with any desired design within weeks. We usually only charge a small license fee and an ongoing maintenance fee but or key business is earning via revenue share in the game. That means that such a white label will be by far cheaper and faster than any internal solution and we only earn money when the partner also earns money. You have already own browser-based games? Not a problem, we can add any game to the portal via our flexible API. And we are also open to cross-licensing deals where we put our partners’ games onto our portals where they can gain additional traffic and revenues.

So, what was the story about this new white label?

A few days from now, we will launch this new portal – it is only a matter of days. The partner we did the portal for is a large gaming-related publishing house that will push its own browser game community via its own channels. We have licensed the portal for the German speaking areas and are looking forward to quite some user traction on this portal. So now we have already sold a license to a German Telco company and a German publisher. I think it is now time to look for a nice large German TV station and some international players… I will keep you posted…

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August 28th, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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